Moving Home

Making the decision

The decision to move home is often occasioned by planned or unexpected changes.

Whether raising a family, relocating to a school catchment area, changing your job/career or simply aligning with other new reality or future expectations, we can help. Our advisers understand the need for clarity and certainty and will provide sound advice and guidance that will help maximise your opportunities and overcome potential obstacles.

Your mortgage needs

Your mortgage needs may be straightforward or involve chain(s) and even more complex transactions.

Our advisers will work with you to secure a deal that is suited to your circumstances, including moving your existing mortgage to a new property if it still represents the most suitable deal or getting you a new deal more suited to your changing circumstance.

We can help you:

  • Assessing your new requirements and proposing a suitable mortgage product
  • Taking you through the application process and managing it from start to finish
  • Providing expert guidance on deals involving chains or other complex transactions
  • Arranging insurance and protection that meets your new requirements
  • Ensuring proposal and your decision support your long-term plans in a cost effective way

Ask the experts

Our advisers will answer any questions or queries you have about new or existing mortgages. Submit any questions using the form here or simply request a callback at a time that’s convenient for you. For responses to frequently asked questions, see our FAQ section.